Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some of the questions that we get frequently. In order to better help answer your questions, we are placing the more popular ones here.


Q: How much do parents cost?
A: We never charge for parents! You're there to make sure that your child has fun and plays by the rules.

Q: Can I drop my child off and run a quick errand?
A: No. We are not licensed to provide childcare services to any extent. Children must be accompanied by a guardian at all times.

Q: Can we come back later today without paying again?
A: No, not yet. Your entry fee covers a single visit. If you need to leave, you will have to pay the entry fee again upon your return.

Q: Can we bring food in and have a "Play Date"?
A: No. We do not allow outside food to be brought into the center. This is mainly to protect our carpet and reduce the cost of garbage disposal. We encourage the idea of a play date, though. It does sound fun!

Q: Do you have a monthly/annual pass?
A: No. Realistically, the cost of such a pass would end up costing you far more than you would be willing to pay for it. We would have to estimate the number of visits that we would think that you would have and then attempt to price the pass accordingly. Initial estimates would put a monthly pass at a minimum of $75.00 per child. We would have to price an annual pass far more than this and don't feel that the price would even have a single sale!


Q: Can I bring my own decorations?
A: Yes, within reason. All personal decorations must be reviewed by Hopper's management 3 days prior to a party for safety reasons.

Q: Can I use a party room without booking a party?
A: No. Our party rooms are available to all, but are reserved for booked parties only. We incur an expense when the rooms are used and have included that expense in the price of our parties.

Q: Can I leave things out of a party booking to save money?
A: No. Our party packages include decorations, tableware, and drinks but we have no way to remove these items and reduce the price of our party packages.

Q: Can we have a party at one of the tables in the regular area of the center?
A: No. These tables are for public seating and cannot be monopolized by a group.

Q: Who all is allowed to attend a party?
A: We ask that you limit Guardians in attendance of a birthday party to 1 per child. Family members of the birthday child are an exception, within reason.

Q: Why are the parties 1 hour and 45 minutes instead of 2 hours?
A: The last 15 minutes of your party are set aside to get gifts together, get food collected, and round everything else up. We also have to clean the room, remove trash, etc.

Q: Can we bring our own food in for the party?
A: No. We do not allow outside food to be brought into the center. We still have to protect our carpet and the cost of food includes the cost of garbage disposal. We are always working on finding new options of food to have delivered for your party!