The Wonderful Staff of Hopper's

Denise Evans

About Our CEO

Denise Evans moved to Kingsland with her husband in 2001 originally. Her husband came down to work with a friend on a local business. They fell in love with the area and the people but were forced to move away for a family emergency.

Denise never stopped loving Kingsland and, when her family had the chance, they returned. Her husband found work in Jacksonville and she made a home for her family. She noticed that the children of Camden County had a very limited set of options when it came to entertainment. There are parks, school playgrounds, and a small waterpark but not much else. The children stayed in their homes mostly with nothing much to do other than play video games and watch television. She decided to do something about it.

After much research and planning, Denise decided that she wanted to open Hopper's Family Fun Center, Inc. for the kids in Camden County to have another outlet for their energy. You can see Denise most of the time at the center where she will greet you with a smile, maybe a hug, and that wonderful Southern Charm of hers.

Our Team

Jim Evans

Jim Evans


While Jim is a Desert Storm vet and a Microsoft Certified programmer, his heart is no longer in technology. Now, you'll find him helping take out the trash, paying the bills, and supporting Denise and Hopper's in any way that he can!

Amber Dejesus

Tiffany Berthelot / Chaney Sagle

Asst. Manager

Right now, Tiffany and Chaney are our new Assistant Managers. Chaney is a mom of one little boy and married to a Sailor! She has been a manager previously and we welcome her experience! Tiffany is a mom of 3 and married to a former Marine. With the pets, kids, and husband, we're pretty sure that Tiffany can handle just about any situation!

Full Staff

Referees and Party Pros

We have a full staff of Party Pros and Referees to ensure that your little ones are safe while they play and that their birthday parties go off without a hitch. Each of our staff bring strengths with them and are always willing to help!